Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
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Web-Based  solution
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Our solution is a secured - web based - Supply Chain Management tool – packaged and serviced for fast deployment.

Our system allows our customers (buying office, traders, manufactories, wholesalers, retailers and distributors...) to get a crystal clear view on their production orders in real time. By using this system you will collaborate more efficiently with your trading partners, and better inform your clients.


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Supply chain actors interact through a web content security system. Only allowed relevant data is displayed to the right persons and only consistent data is entered by authorized actors. Data restrictions are enforced both at document and detail level. Multi-format data is attached to orders when complementary information is desired.
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all actors
Data is discriminated first per order, than per role of actor then per identity of actor both at data type level and at data detail level.

Helicopter view, every actor will see key indicators relevant for him and the orders he received. Detailed data is available whenever relevant by clicking on key indicators.

Past orders view: past orders data is kept and can be analyzed by any actor under the same conditions as the helicopter view.

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supply chain manager
Creates, manages and assigns roles to trading partners.
Creates orders to direct suppliers – and to indirect ones when relevant – assigns all trading partners necessary to fulfill each order. Orders can be attached with free format documents as plans, spreadsheets, texts, … downloadable by all actors.


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raw material supplier
Creates product delivery schedules at the manufactory.
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Create production schedules for each major production step.
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Creates transport schedules and can modify them when circumstances evolve.
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Helicopter and past orders views.
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