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The choice for a SCM tool is mainly driven by its valuable business features and the resulting benefits. These benefits are grouped in different levels:

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at strategic level
Higher level of implication:
The suppliers get a new visibility on the supply chain. This empowerment allows them to measure consequences of their decisions and forces them to acting more responsibly.

Buyer/supplier relationship paradigm shift:
Higher level of implication leads to envision relationships in a partnership mode. Partnership allows a shared quest for end-user value -our customer’s ultimate business goal!

Opportunity to tackle strategic goals:
As the whole supply chain now runs smoother and smoother, both management time savings and better supplier relationships will free resources for strategic exchanges with suppliers.

    at tactical level
Lower error levels:
Business rules are enforced within the system, data is univocal and centralized, input are constrained. Security stock levels can be lowered at equal service levels.

Fast issue resolution:
Issues are visible at once. This allows to solve trouble promptly and minimize its impact on service levels. Security stock levels can be lowered at equal service levels.

Real-time communication:
Data is accessible for all actors at once, forecast windows get sharper and wider. Actors can lower stocks along the whole chain.

Large potential audience:
SCM business benefits are proportional to the transaction percentage captured in the system. As entrance costs are low, virtually 100% of the supply chain actors can participate and project initiators can harvest full benefits.

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at operational level
Centralized web system:
Leads to fast communication at low cost. Huge savings in terms of time, telephone costs and personnel hours.

No data re-encoding:
Means lower error levels and leads to fewer personnel costs overhead in problem resolution.

Inexpensive community development:
As supply chain actors only need an internet connection to participate, technical deployment costs are very low.

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